Copper Magnetic Bracelets

Copper Magnetic Bracelets

Pain Relief & Health Products are natural way used to relieve pain, restore energy and enhance sleep, it has been proven to be safe, effective and simple to use form of magnetic therapy pain relief and alternative therapy. One way to achieve this is with the use of stainless steel magnet jewelry.
Our stylish range of magnetic copper bracelets and magnetic jewelry have the double benefit of copper and magnets. Copper is an essential trace element in plants and animals for growth and the metabolism and helps maintain a healthy nervous system. Magnets FOR SALE create a magnetic field which around the area increasing the bloodflow.
Your bracelet should be worn loosely around the wrist , about 1/2″ of slack, as the magnets do not need to be permanently touching the skin. Our free fitting service will alter your bracelet before we send it to you, just e-mail us with your size when you order. Our jeweler usually takes a day to alter the MAGNETIC bracelets.

Magnetic titanium bracelet are our premium range of magnetic bracelets and are very popular due to being very light, very strong way of providing magnet therapy.
They are used for many ailments including arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome and general pain relief. Each bracelet will contain between sixteen and twenty four magnets depending on the design and each
neodymium magnet has a high strength 3000 gauss and the polarity faces north to the skin. Our magnetic titanium bracelets are made of high quality industrial grade 2 which is high end titanium.

magnets for sale ,

magnets for sale ,

Your bracelet is a lovely piece of magnet jewelry which should be worn loosely around the wrist , about 1/2″ of slack as the magnets do not need to be permanently in contact with the skin and this is usually the most comfortable fit. We offer a free fitting service if you e-mail your measurements to us when you order , and we will adjust your bracelet before we send it to you. This will take a day longer for our jeweller to alter the bracelet.



Modern Kitchen Designs Magnetic Knife Holder

Modern Kitchen Designs most likely do away with the usual knife racks that are made from wood and instead replace them with a magnetic one. A magnetic knife rack, as the name suggests, stores knives or any other type of cutlery using a magnetic strip that can be mounted on the wall. Homeowners nowadays are looking into this type of knife holder because of its advantages, not to mention the design that brings a refreshing look to their kitchen in these modern times.

magnetic knife holder

When searching for a magnetic knife holder, you are sure to come across several types. One particular design that is popular nowadays is the stainless steel magnetic knife rack from famous kitchen knife lines like Henckels Knife Setand Global Knife Block. What makes this type of knife rack highly interesting is its strength and durability not to mention its sleek design that can add value to your kitchen. There are actually several brands that are offering this type of knife rack but one that stands out is Miu France. This company has been in the business of crafting knife racks that are magnetic for several years now and with their attention to detail and use of durable materials, what they are offering their customers nowadays are knife racks that are simply too good to pass up.

If you prefer a combination of traditional and modern design, then you should get a magnetic knife rack made of wood instead. The wood materials used here can be oak or pine or any other type of wood combined with aluminum brackets and magnetic strips to hold your knives. You can place them anywhere in your kitchen without ruining the overall effect and once you properly stick your knives into this magnetic knife holder, you will surely be pleased with the way the whole design appears.

magnetic knife holder

The 10 inch magnetic knife rack is yet another popular design that homeowners consider when looking for a knife rack for their kitchen. The 10 inch rack is ideal for holding different kinds of knives that you use in preparing your dishes with just the right amount of strength to hold them in place without causing too much danger when you plan to use them.

Storing your knives and other cutlery in your kitchen drawers are no longer recommended now that you can make use of a magnetic knife rack that can be installed on your kitchen walls using brackets and screws. With the use of magnetic strips that can come in different sizes and length, you can actually have your knives within easy reach instead of going through with all the fuss of opening drawers or searching for the right knife to use for your dish.

Having a knife rack that has a magnetic strip in place is definitely an advantage to you and your family. Since they are durable and have the right kind of magnetism, you don’t have to worry about cutting yourself since your safety is well covered. Check out this type of knife rack today and consider incorporating it to your kitchen. For sure, you will enjoy the new look of your kitchen when you have a magnetic knife rack in place.

Magnets for Sale Rare Earth Magnet Companies

Rare Earth Magnet Companies

Here is a list of companies with Rare Earth Elements(REEs) assets around the world. The factors to consider when investing into this industry include the technical skills base from the company, the access to capital as rare earth projects are usually expensive, the political environment risk and the required infrastructure as most of mines are in remote areas.

Rare earths companies give environmentally pleasant solutions through an array of applications aimed at achieving energy efficiency, and in helping green technologies for the World. They are also in growing demand for use in devices which have a lot of influence over our modern life.

magnets for sale
magnets for sale
magnets for sale

Neodymium magnets
Neodymium magnets
Neodymium magnets

Lynas Corporation

Rare Earth Elements MAGNETS FOR SALE


Market Capitalization: AUD$2.5 billion
Lynas Corporation Limited ( in Sydney, Australia, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the exploration and development of rare earths deposits, and other mineral resources in Australia and Asia.

The company owns the richest deposit of rare earths in the world, and focuses on the development of the Mt Weld Rare Earths project located south of Laverton in Western Australia; and the Crown Polymetallic Project, which includes niobium, tantalum, zirconium, titanium, and rare earths deposits. The company also involves in the planning, design, and construction of a concentration plant and advanced materials processing plant.

Molycorp Minerals LLC


Market Capitalization: US$2.2 billion
Molycorp Minerals (NYSE: MCP) came public in 2010 and its stock in New York Stock Exchange is more than triple. In July 2010 it raised $393M in an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange, and its market cap rise from zero to more than US$2 billion. The company has begun to manufacture rare earth products from its surface stockpiles, primarily to develop its processing and became the only current producer of rare earths companies in the Western Hemisphere.

Molycorp Minerals formed in 2008 is to reopen the Mountain Pass Mine and its facility in California which was suspended in 2002 amid environmental complaints, including that its wastewater had damaged the desert’s delicate ecosystem. Comparing to other mines, Mountain Pass Mine is also one of the world’s largest and richest Rare Earth deposits magnets for sale .

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At Mountain Pass, Molycorp are producing certain Green Elements and plans are in place to bring the processing facility back into full production following an extensive modernization and expansion project. With some federal assistance for research, development and capital costs, the company plans to restart production in the second half of 2011 and re-establish domestic manufacturing capacity by 2012, and become a fully integrated producer of all rare earths products, such as oxides, metal alloys and magnets.