I don’t know about you, but science projects always amused me. I Neodymium Cube Magnets hated writing the report that went along with them, but I enjoyed making my display. One of the hardest parts with a science project was coming up with what to do. You want to be creative, but not so much so that you magnets for sale can’t find much information on what you chose. You start going through lists and lists and looking at what the teacher recommended.

There are many untapped science projects in the realm of magnets. People do things involving the solar system and our planet, but they never really go into the magnetic field of our world and other planets. The reason that a compass works and that we can use it to find our way is due to the magnetic field of the earth. Without that, with magnets for sale we would never know where we were going neodymium magnets.
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Do you know the difference between true north and magnetic north? True north never neodynium moves. Magnetic north, however, what causes our compasses to work, moves about 26 miles a year. Right now it is in northern Canada. If it continues to move at this rate, it will be in Siberia by the year 2050. This topic would make a great science project.

You can also do some really great science projects by neodynium making an electromagnet. This is when an electric current is run through a wire and thus a Neodymium Magnets field is produced. You can turn it on to pick things up and turn it off to let them go. This is great when magnets for sale dealing with moving and lifting very heavy metal objects neodymium magnets.

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